Toyosi & Ponmile – Baby Shower

by Isaiah, August 30, 2014

It has been an honour to follow this couple through their journey together. From the engagement, to the wedding, to the baby shower and maternity shoot (so far). I think they are a great example to follow as a couple that definitely have everything going for them. Trust, communication and love.

Toyosi & Ponmile invited us to capture a few capture a few candid moments of the celebration.

Thanks guys and good luck with your soon to be born baby.


QW6A3592_Ponle Toyosi_BabyShower - 114 QW6A3477_Ponle Toyosi_BabyShower - 04QW6A3594_Ponle Toyosi_BabyShower - 116 QW6A3584_Ponle Toyosi_BabyShower - 106 QW6A3559_Ponle Toyosi_BabyShower - 82 QW6A3551_Ponle Toyosi_BabyShower - 74 QW6A3545_Ponle Toyosi_BabyShower - 69QW6A3532_Ponle Toyosi_BabyShower - 56 QW6A3531_Ponle Toyosi_BabyShower - 55

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